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Upper Cervical Adjusting From Your Salem Chiropractor

Upper cervical adjusting corrects positioning of the top four spinal vertebrae located in your neck and upper back. When your chiropractor in Salem Oregon restores normal positioning of upper vertebrae, compression of nerves caused by vertebrae pressing against sensitive nerves is eliminated, providing rapid pain relief. Compression commonly occurs because displacement of the top vertebra (atlas), sitting atop the spine, causes a narrowing of the opening that allows nerve fibers to extend from the brain stem into the spine. When the atlas moves out of place, this opening severely diminishes the size of the opening, irritating and inflaming nerves.

upper cervical adjustment from our salem, OR chiropractor

Symptoms of Upper Cervical Subluxation

Subluxation indicates spinal vertebrae are no longer aligned properly. You may need upper cervical work if you suffer:
• Migraines
• Vertigo/Meniere's Disease
• Fibromyalgia
• Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
• Chronic neck and upper back pain
• Autoimmune disorders
• Shoulder/arm pain, numbness and tingling
To treat upper cervical subluxation, your Salem Oregon chiropractor utilizes the Pettibon Cervical Technique for symptomatic pain relief without relying on drugs or surgery.

What is the Pettibon Cervical Technique

The Pettibon Cervical Technique consists of upper back and neck adjustive procedures designed to restore proper alignment of cervical vertebrae, hydrate vertebral discs and correct posture imbalances. By reestablishing optimal functioning of the spine and nervous system utilizing special corrective exercises, the Pettibon Cervical Technique effectively balances your body to maximize nervous system signaling while relaxing and strengthening specific spinal muscles essential for correcting posture and reducing the negative effects of gravity.

Benefits of your Salem Oregon chiropractor performing upper cervical work include:

• Long-term pain relief for musculoskeletal disorders
• Promotes healing of disc herniation/bulges
• Improves range of motion/flexibility
• Decreases neurological dysfunction and stress
• Realigns the cervical, mid-back and lumbar areas of the spine
• Increases functioning of the upper cervical vertebrae to activate production of endorphins (hormones that naturally block pain signals)
Upper cervical adjusting with the Pettibon Cervical Technique may also complement other holistic treatments provided by your chiropractor in Salem Oregon, such as ultrasound therapy, chiropractic massage and galvanic muscle stimulation.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Your chiropractor will want to review your medical history, perform a physical examination and possibly order diagnostic imaging tests to develop an accurate diagnosis. Good candidates for the Pettibon Cervical Technique are those without marked musculoskeletal instability, fractures, dislocations, or recent surgeries.

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If you are suffering pain, stiffness and general unwellness that is not responding to traditional treatments, please call The Spine Clinic today at (503) 362-5555 to schedule a consultation appointment with a Salem Oregon chiropractor.


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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr McGill and staff are giving me my mobility back. For years the rheumatologists have told me not to use chiropractic for my AS. Since I started going to him I now can turn my head more then the 20 degrees left or right and my back and neck pains are down to a 3 or 4 from a 6 or 7. He use a combination of massages and gentle manipulation to get the movement back. 5 stars are not enough."
  • "I recently started having lower back problems and needed help for pain and weakness in my upper legs and hips. After some internet research I decided to contact Dr. McGill at The Spine Clinic. This is a full service office with massage therapy, xrays, and chiropractic services. After a talking with Dr. McGill we decided to take some xrays, massage therapy a a couple of back adjustments that day. I left the office two hours later feeling better and with less discomfort."
  • "1st visit gets 5 stars! Great message, recommendations, adjustments and x-rays. This is the full meal deal. I had electro therapy as well and I'm looking forward to my treatment regiment. Doctor gave me homework and stretches to help me maintain my progress. Kudos to the Spine Clinic and I'll be back!"