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“ I rate The Spine Clinic at the 5-star rating due to more than just there care and them being personable and helping they have made it so I can move again in less than a month. Beginning of February I couldn't move or work by the end of the month I was back doing my full-time job as a warehouse lifting heavy bags and 120 lb bales of hay. They have given me my pain-free life back and they are extremely easy to work with when it comes to scheduling and money. Ryan Shirmer is the best chiropractor I wouldn't recommend any other person but him! ”

Tyler Wingett

“ Dr. McGill and staff are giving me my mobility back. For years the rheumatologists have told me not to use chiropractic for my AS. Since I started going to him I now can turn my head more then the 20 degrees left or right and my back and neck pains are down to a 3 or 4 from a 6 or 7. He uses a combination of massages and gentle manipulation to get the movement back. 5 stars are not enough.

William Hayes

“ I have been the patience of Dr. McGill's for quite some time. I had a very bad fall which caused a lot of issues with my low back. Dr. McGill was the only Dr. that got me back on my feet again. I am and will be always grateful for him helping me back to health. I would recommend The Spine Clinic to Everyone!! Your health could merely be an Adjustment away! ”.

Donna Caldwell

“ I was in an auto accident, The Spine Clinic has helped relieve the pain and expects with continued treatments, I will be restored to a pain-free life. The staff and Dr really care about you both as a person and a patient.​​​​​​​”.

dee brown smith

“ I recently started having lower back problems and needed help for pain and weakness in my upper legs and hips. After some internet research, I decided to contact Dr. McGill at The Spine Clinic​​​​​​​. This is a full-service office with massage therapy, Xrays, and chiropractic services. After talking with Dr. McGill, we decided to take some Xrays, massage therapy a couple of back adjustments that day. I left the office two hours later feeling better and with less discomfort. After six visits I felt good enough and confident enough to continue the home prescribed therapy from Dr. McGill. It is working and I am healing a little each day.​​​​​​​”.​​​​​​

Alan Jacobson