Bilateral Testing

Chiropractic Bilateral Weight Testing in Salem Oregon

One of the most important examination tools we use here at The Spine Clinic is the bilateral weight test. This checks to see if you are balanced or are putting more weight on one side of your body. A difference of more than 5 pounds can indicate a short leg, a curvature in the spine, or imbalanced spinal muscles. Our Chiropractic office located near you in Salem uses this method to determine the stress your body is putting upon itself which may lead to degeneration and/or pain.

Why Chiropractic Bilateral Weight Testing is Important

Putting more weight on one side of the body over time can lead to hip and knee degeneration, perhaps resulting in the need for a hip or knee replacement. This issue is more common than most here in Salem realize. We highly recommend this test if you are experiencing neck, hip, back, or knee pain.

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