Sports Injury FAQ

Our Chiropractor in Salem Answers Sports Injury Treatment FAQ’s

Here at The Spine Clinic, we see a lot of athletes, from casual weekenders to dedicated professionals. Some are struggling with acute or chronic sports injuries, while others are concerned with optimizing their wellness and performance.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries that damage the soft tissues are quite common. Examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, ACL tears, shin splints, ankle pain, groin pulls, and tennis or golf elbow. Pinched nerves which produce muscle dysfunction and other neurological symptoms are a factor in many sports injuries.

How Do Acute Sports Injuries Occur?

Acute sports injuries are likely to occur in athletes who use the incorrect sports technique, are out of condition, or fail to warm up carefully. But a high-impact collision such as a football tackle can also produce sudden joint dislocation, whiplash, or herniated discs.

Why Do Chronic Sports Injuries Develop?

Chronic sports injuries are typically related to the overuse of a particular body part. Repetitive motions such as tennis or golf swings, baseball pitches, running, stooping, or jumping may cause accumulated wear and tear, leading to chronic inflammation and possible premature arthritis in the joints. An undiagnosed spinal misalignment can boost your odds of developing chronic sports injuries.

How Will Your Salem A Chiropractor Treat My Sports Injury?

Our Salem chiropractor can prescribe a personalized sports injury treatment plan to help you recover from a sports injury without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic adjustments to restore full joint motion can also relieve pinched nerves and normalize your musculoskeletal balance. Soft tissue manipulation techniques such as Active Release Therapy and the Graston Technique can free soft tissues trapped by scar tissue for natural pain relief and faster healing. Kinesio taping is another non-invasive way we can support and nourish your injury.

How Can I Avoid Future Sports Injuries?

Smart strategies may include conditioning and warm-up exercises, changes to your sports technique, nutrition to strengthen your body and reduce inflammation, regular spinal checkups to address any alignment problems that may crop up, and lifestyle practices to help you maintain your best health at all times.

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