Work Injury FAQs

Work Injuries FAQ from our Salem, OR Chiropractor

The wonderful thing about visiting our Salem, OR chiropractor is that we treat work injuries. Our chiropractor Dr. Schirmer offers drug-free pain relief and non-invasive treatments using chiropractic care. We can also help you prevent injuries from occurring by providing preventative treatments. Before you schedule your next appointment at The Spine Clinic in Salem, learn more about what a work injury is and how to treat them.

Work injury adjustment

What is a Work Injury Treated by My Salem Chiropractor?

A work injury is any type of injury incurred while on a job. One of the most common work injuries is a slip-and-fall which can cause muscle stiffness, neck pain, and whiplash. You may also lift a heavy object incorrectly causing you to injure your lower back or cause a herniated disc. More common work injuries we are seeing include text neck, as well as carpal tunnel from typing without using ergonomic practices.

What are Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the design of work environments and products so they function well for the user. Examples of ergonomic design include office furniture and ways of sitting/standing while working. To protect against back injuries due to lifting, an ergonomic practice would be to bend at the knees and lift with your legs. Most commonly, you see ergonomics involved with buying office furniture including computers and desks. Check out the rules for ergonomics by the American Industrial Hygiene Association to learn more about specific design elements to follow.

How can a Chiropractor Treat My Work Injury?

Here at The Spine Clinic, Dr. Schirmer provides upper cervical adjustments and lower spine realignments. This is used to treat back pain and improve circulatory functioning after a work injury. If you have joint pain or nerve pain, we use chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to provide immediate relief. Spinal decompression is another treatment that is used for work injuries including sciatic nerve pain and herniated discs.

Can a Chiropractor Prevent Work Injuries?

Yes, our chiropractor in Salem, OR is able to prevent you from suffering from work injuries. Through regular chiropractic adjustments, we can check for early signs of injuries, such as inflammation or swelling. By starting treatment early you can expect an even shorter recovery period. These adjustments also give our chiropractic doctor the ability to notice if you have any new signs or changes that might be problematic. We can perform a diagnostic test during your routine adjustment to help you maintain your health.

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