Work Injury Treatment in Salem, OR

Work Injury Treatment from Our Salem, OR Chiropractor

Work injuries are a distressing fact of working life. Every type of work involves some degree of physical effort, from heavy construction to clerical work -- in fact, office workers have a higher rate of injury than manual laborers. But whatever the nature of your job, you can't afford to let a chronic or acute injury prevent you from earning a living and supporting your family. That's why you need to talk to our Salem, OR chiropractor at The Spine Clinic, Dr. Schirmer, about safe non-surgical treatment.

Work Injury

Do You Have a Repetitive Motion Injury or a Work Injury Accident Injury?

Many work injuries are a natural consequence of performing the same physical tasks over and over again. These repetitive motions can lead to muscle tension, soft tissue strain, and joint inflammation and stiffness. For instance, if you stand motionless all day long, you can develop plantar fasciitis in your feet. Clerical workers may develop carpal tunnel syndrome from the constant keyboard and mouse use, as well as back pain from twisting and bending to reach files. These conditions can also be caused or aggravated by faulty ergonomics, such as the "text neck" promoted by constant bending or stooping of the head to view an incorrectly-positioned monitor. A work injury accident injury can include whiplash or herniated discs from a cab or truck driver, slip and fall injuries caused by wet floors or wobbly ladders, and back strain caused by heavy lifting.

The Holistic Approach to Handling Work Injuries

When you're injured on the job, you need to recuperate as quickly, safely, and thoroughly as possible, ideally without the extended recovery time of surgery or the mind-dulling effects of painkillers. The Spine Clinic has the obvious solution in our all-natural, non-invasive, holistic approach to work injury care. Our chiropractor will ask you about your everyday work environment, your medical history, and any particular event that triggered your symptoms. Analysis of your spinal column or extremity joints can help reveal alignment problems, disc damage, or pinched nerves, allowing us to prescribe the right combination of treatments.

Chiropractic adjustments can relieve nerve impingement and get your joints functioning normally again. Upper cervical adjustments, for example, can greatly ease whiplash symptoms. You may also benefit from a program of massage therapy and corrective exercises to rehabilitate damaged muscles. We may even recommend changes to your work habits or workplace arrangement so you can minimize chronic strain and acute injury risks.

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